Types of Paper Bags
Sewn Open Mouth
This bag is made from a flush cut tube, which is closed at one end by sewing and left open at the other end for the customer to pack. The customer will then close this end by sewing in the top.
This style bag is used for seed, feed, fertilizer and granules type products. It represents a market where plastic bags have penetrated very successfully.
Pasted Open Mouth
This style bag is a flat tub with a pasted bottom closure. The other end is left open for packing. The customer will close this end by sewing.
Pasted Valve Sacks
This style bag is a flat tube width a pasted top and bottom. One corner is left open and a sleeve is placed in that corner for filling. This is the most common multi-wall bag style today. It accounts for more than 70% of the multi-wall bag market. Its characteristics are:
Filled bag has a good palletizing shape.
The valve type bag is used for virtually every type product. However, federal rules and National Freight ruling bodies are reviewing its use for hazardous and nuisance products.
In the valve type bags, packaging of dusty and very difficult fire products can be done easily, without any spillage and wastage.
The valve bag closes without the expense of an additional closing operation.
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